Community Groups

In most Community Groups, we eat together, pray together, read Scripture together, serve together and enjoy time together. Community Groups are a great “first step” into the life of Redeemer and a great way to get connected. As with most of what Redeemer offers, children are always welcome to participate.  For more details please contact the group leader and check out the map at the bottom of this page for locations.

Student Ministry

2111 S. Blue Bell Rd. (on church campus)
Brenham, TX
Every Wednesday, 6:30-8PM
7th-12th graders
Roy Dawson


Leaders: Casey and Stephanie Cease
Hosts: Lee and Sarah Parker
Meeting Time: Sundays @ 2:30-4PM

Leaders: Brad and Lauren DeLoach

Hosts: Nathan and Becca Simmons
Meeting Time: Sundays @ 12-2PM


Leaders: Brad and Jessica Bevers
Host: Thomas and Ashlyn Everett
Meeting Time: Sundays @ 2:30-4PM


Leaders: Aaron and Kloe Cotton
Host: Trevor and Megan Bain
Meeting Time: Tuesdays @ 6-8PM

Leaders: Marcus and Wendy Lawhon

Hosts: Dave and Julie Forman
Meeting Time: Wednesdays @ 6-8PM

Leaders: John and Deanna Simms

Host: Richard and Debbie Grimmer
Meeting Time: Bi-weekly | Wednesday's @ 6-8PM